Our phone lines are extremely busy due to demand for Covid testing and vaccines. If you call, please be patient.
Please note that Covid vaccines are administered by appointment only.
We have some service modifications this week, commencing April 12 2020 – click here for details.


For the week of April 12, 2021, some of our services have been modified


Due to Covid-19 social distancing protocols, The Floating Hospital now requires a pre-registration with your online submission. This means that forms now require patients’ full demographics.

Appointment Checklist

Here’s exactly what your client will need when they walk through the doors of The Floating Hospital.

icon for case managers showing home

Residency Letter from Shelter

icon for case managers showing ID card


icon for case managers showing syringe

Children’s Immunization Records

icon for case managers showing care

Insurance Cards or Other Insurance Information

icon for case managers showing social security card

Social Security Numbers for All Being Treated

icon for case managers showing form

Healthcare Forms

Info for Case Managers

Insurance & Registration
Hospital Overview
Mission Statement
Required Documentation
Family Together Activity Pack
Family Together Activity Pack – Español

Satellite Clinic Resources

Information on the services we offer at each location.

Help Morris

Downloadable Client Booklet

This booklet details everything your client needs to know about visiting The Floating Hospital.


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