Camp RiseUp 2020

Swimming, boating, hiking, friending, learning, discovering, oh my!

38 campers, 100s of supporters, 5 campfires, trees, dirt and bugs make for an unforgettable summer. Our Camp RiseUp for teens kicked off its 2019 session with “amazingness!”  The Floating Hospital’s sleep away Camp RiseUp features robust outdoor activities and classroom learning, free to families living in homeless shelters, domestic violence safe houses and other temporary housing. We’re raising money to make our 2020 Camp RiseUp the best yet with more campers, new programs and upgraded supplies.


“I was mad at my mom for signing me up. But, as the days passed, everybody started to feel like a family to me.”

At Camp RiseUp, kids living homelessness can exercise, build confidence, and learn about self-care in a beautiful, natural setting. Your generous donation will help send a teen to Rhinebeck, New York for a week of swimming, hiking, and interactive health education classes on topics like communication and consent. For many of these young people, Camp RiseUp represents their first encounter with nature, a positive experience that can shape their health, relationships and future.