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We can do whatever it takes to bring healthcare, relief and comfort to children and families without a home because of your support. Attending our annual Summer Benefit Gala is a fabulous (and fun) way to bolster that support.

This year, we’ll be at the historic and sumptuous Metropolitan Club, the perfect setting for our Roaring Twenties theme. Emmy-award winning WPIX reporter Monica Morales is our special guest host, and the Duke Ellington Legacy Band (led by Duke’s grandson, Edward Ellington) will entertain us with live jazz.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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wednesday cooking demonstration graphic

Cooking class

Every Wednesday
Main Clinic LIC

During Cooking Class Wednesdays, our health education team teaches nutrition midday in the best way possible – through food preparation classes. Lessons are designed to demonstrate ways to provide nutritious and tasty fare regardless of available cooking facilities. No cook breakfast, anyone? Patients only.

veggie cooking on tuesdays

Veggie Taste Test Tuesday

Every Tuesday
Main Clinic LIC

We all know that vegetables are important in a nutritious diet. Our health education team will show how they can be cost-efficient, easy to prepare, and delicious through cooking demos and tastings throughout the day.

Prom Party Van Contest

Every Tuesday
Main Clinic LIC

Win a prom night party bus experience like no other! Show us why you should win with a TikTok or an Instagram reel.
How to enter: Follow the Floating Hospital on Instagram or TikTok. Post your Tiktok or Instagram reel and tag @TheFloatingHospital in your video submission. Videos will be judged based on creativity, so have fun! The winner and up to 9 friends will travel to and from their prom on a Floating Hospital minibus equipped with non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, and a DJ. Each guest will receive a party kit filled with prom night essentials.
No alcohol or drugs are allowed on board. Pick up and drop off must be at the same location. The winner will be selected on May 12. Make sure to submit your TikTok or Instagram Reel before then.
Use the hashtags #FloatingHospitalPartyVan #ContestAlert

Click here for additional rules and details.

Sun Safety Month

Month of May
Main Clinic LIC

Protect your skin this Sun Safety Month with our fun and educational activities! Test your knowledge with our Sun Safety Trivia and classes and take on our educational Zinc Challenge. Plus, enter to win a beach-ready bundle that includes hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and beach umbrellas to help keep you protected all summer long. Let’s prioritize sun safety and enjoy the sun responsibly!

Clean Air Month

Month of May
Main Clinic LIC

Happy Clean Air Month! Let’s come together to promote cleaner, healthier air for all. Join our STEM class all month long to learn about the science behind air quality and what we can do to improve it. Then, take on our Straw Breathing Obstacle Course and experience what it’s like to breathe in polluted air. Let’s raise awareness about the importance of clean air and work towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

Melanoma Monday

Monday, May 1st
Main Clinic LIC

Join the fight against skin cancer and raise awareness for Melanoma Monday! Share your story, spread the word, and encourage others to protect their skin and get checked. Let’s work together to save lives and put an end to melanoma.

National Fitness Day

Monday, May 8th
Main Clinic LIC

Happy National Fitness Day and Beverage Day! Celebrate by taking on our blind water taste test challenge. Can you tell the difference between tap, filtered, and bottled water? Test your taste buds and hydrate like a pro while also making time for some fitness activities. Let’s cheers to a healthy and active lifestyle!”

National Sleepover Day

Tuesday, May 9th
Main Clinic LIC

Get ready for National Sleepover Day and indulge in a cozy night in! Join us for a PJ and slipper giveaway and create your very own DIY eye masks for a peaceful night’s rest. Enjoy some soothing tea for a calm and relaxed evening. Whether you’re having a solo slumber party or getting together with friends, let’s celebrate the joys of a good night’s sleep.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Tuesday, May 9th
Main Clinic LIC

Today we honor the incredible educators who go above and beyond to inspire and shape young minds. Take a moment to thank a teacher who has made a difference in your life or show your appreciation with a small gesture like a note or a gift. Let’s celebrate these unsung heroes who make a lasting impact on our lives and our future.

Eye Health Day

Monday, May 15th
Main Clinic LIC

Take a break from your screens and celebrate Eye Health Day with us! Enjoy some delicious carrot dishes that promote healthy vision. Together we’ll learn how to properly care for your contact lenses for optimal eye health. Be sure to try our Blind Tunnel activity and experience what it’s like to navigate the world without sight. Plus, discover the incredible impact of seeing eye dogs on those with visual impairments. Let’s prioritize our eye health and appreciate the beauty of the world around us. .

Baby Days

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 16-18
Main Clinic LIC

It’s Baby Day! Join us for a fun-filled celebration of all things baby. Test your taste buds with our baby food taste test challenge and take on our obstacle course while holding baby dolls or wearing a pregnant belly for a true parenting experience. Learn how to diaper and swaddle like a pro with our expert demonstrations and connect with other parents and caregivers in our community.

Career/Professionalism Day

Thursday, May 25
Main Clinic LIC

Join us for Career Day and take the next step toward securing your dream job! We’re offering one-on-one resume-building sessions to help you stand out in your job search. Plus, we’re accepting professional clothing donations to help you look and feel your best in interviews and on the job. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to make a career change, let’s work together to help you achieve your goals and find success.

The good news keeps rolling in for the Good Health Shuttle

The Floating Hospital was featured on Good Day New York’s “Hero of the Day” segment for its Good Health Shuttle fleet of passenger vans that provides free shelter-to-clinic transportation for families living in temporary housing. The shuttle eliminates barriers to accessing care by ensuring patients make their medical appointments. The program received grant support from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation and the Pfizer Foundation, both of whom aim to promote healthcare equities for medically underserved populations. We thank them for helping our patient families get to the doctor, safely, securely, and with dignity.


Irish-America cover, featuring Sean Granahan

Against the Tide


The history of New York City could be told through the history of The Floating Hospital. Read our story in Irish America magazine.

Tameka Cooke

“I went home to die”


Tameka Cooke turns her life around (with the help of The Floating Hospital) after cancer upended her world.

NYC Floating Hospital addresses social determinants of Health


Medical Marketing and Media spoke with Sean Granahan about our mission and the critical need to place housing, food, nutrition and other basic necessities at the same level of importance as regular medical care.


The Floating Hospital remains unchanged in its commitment to provide care, regardless of ability to pay, to New York City’s most vulnerable residents, homeless families living in family shelters and domestic violence safe houses. For them we are an island of stability in their often turbulent, and ever-changing, world. Your support matters and makes a difference.


Provides a healthy lunch for a family of four


Provides one tank of gas for our Good Health Shuttle that transports people to their medical appointments


$250 enables a woman to receive the screenings and physical exams needed for employment or school.

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