Good Health Shuttle appeal update

By Ellen Barker, Executive Director

To date, you have raised $35,000 for The Floating Hospital’s Good Health Shuttle!

Over the past year, during a time of tremendous upheaval and uncertainty, The Floating Hospital continued to provide needy New York City families with a safety net of comprehensive and compassionate healthcare and other essential support. Through good times and bad, we remain wholly committed to helping all New Yorkers live healthy, sustainable lives, and building a culture of good health for future generations.

In recent weeks, we launched a campaign for the Good Health Shuttle, one of the vital services we offer to families living with homelessness. This service is a lifeline for many, especially during a public-health crisis. Traveling from remote shelters to clinics, especially with young children, is a challenge on any day. But during a pandemic it is even more difficult and unsafe. Our fleet of vehicles removes that stress, the uncertainty and cost of transportation during these tough times.

Staying true to The Floating Hospital’s 150+ year old commitment to provide “more than healthcare,” our shuttle vans and minibuses also deliver necessities such as medical prescriptions, food, clothing and diapers to ensure that families have what they need, no matter where they are living.

Our thanks to the many supporters who have generously donated to this campaign. If you haven’t yet had the chance to contribute to the Good Health Shuttle, there’s still time! Please make your donation today.

Since 1866, The Floating Hospital is the largest provider of healthcare to homeless families. We provide free and secure transport to and from more than 300 shelters and domestic violence safe houses throughout New York City.

The Floating Hospital operates a main clinic in Long Island City. Additionally, we have satellite clinics at shelters, public housing, and assessment centers throughout the city.