Jonathan Zimmerman Leads the Way


Throughout his career, Dr. Jonathan Zimmerman has consistently showcased his passion for leadership and comprehensive psychiatric care. Now at the helm of our Behavioral Health Department, Dr. Zimmerman is driving transformative changes to make mental health services accessible and effective for all.

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Camp Is on the Horizon


For six years, The Floating Hospital’s Camp Rise Up has provided teens living in temporary housing a week of respite from the city and their often turbulent lives. Research shows that unhoused teens are at greater risk of unhealthy behaviors, and the camp, for ages 12 to 15, provides an opportunity to learn about themselves, test their capabilities and see hope in their future.

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Bird flu in the spotlight


Since March, bird flu, which in recent years yielded to Covid in the index of worldwide disease concerns, has been back in the news after outbreaks among dairy cows in multiple states and at least one infection in a farmworker in Texas.

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Harry Santa-Olalla


Bringing a wealth of energy to the benefit scene, Harry Santa-Olalla is a one-man distillation of enthusiasm and showmanship when he takes the stage to ensure guests are having a blast as they open their hearts (and wallets) to support worthy causes around the world.

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News and Events – April 2024


Tickets on sale for a golden gala | On the march with the Queens Pride Parade | Running for the money | Raise your paddles for The Floating Hospital | Staff Hero: Ernesto Hart

News and Events – April 20242024-04-22T16:50:35-04:00

The Human in Human Resources


For more than a decade, Philip LaRocco has been helming The Floating Hospital’s Human Resources Department, attracting and retaining employees with respect, engagement and great benefits.

The Human in Human Resources2024-04-19T09:45:20-04:00

When the shoe fits


For the kids in Camp Rise Up and the other children The Floating Hospital serves, “it’s all pretty much the same story. They can’t afford shoes, they’re wearing shoes too small for them, and they’re all hand-me-downs,” according to Dr. Meghan Miller, Director of Health Eduction at The Floating Hospital.

When the shoe fits2024-04-22T13:22:39-04:00

News and Events – March 2024


Golden Legacies Gala: Save the date for a celebration of kindness | The Floating Hospital’s Waverunners are set for their first-ever TCS New York City Marathon! | “Know Your Status” HIV testing events at The Floating Hospital

News and Events – March 20242024-03-29T16:02:02-04:00
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