The Floating Hospital is delighted to welcome three new staff to its Community Outreach team. They will work as liaisons with specific segments of our community.

If you’ve come into contact with The Floating Hospital anywhere in the Long Island City, Queens, or indeed New York City community in the past ten years, there’s a good chance our Community Outreach department was involved!

From back-to-school events, to speaking at local Civic Association meetings, and organizing the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smoke Out for us at Queensbridge House, community outreach is an integral part of The Floating Hospital’s work.

Going forward, they’ll be reaching out to you, so you can learn about our healthcare services.

Meet our Community Outreach Liaisons

alma liaisons

Alma Cruz (she/her/hers) will liaise with Latino communities, including consulate offices.


Lys Hanlon (they/them/theirs) will liaise with the LGBTQ+ community.


Yvanne Rinchere (she/her/hers) will liaise with religious institutions, schools, including PTAs, and small businesses.


Cynthia Davis (she/her/hers) is our Director of Community Outreach. Cynthia coordinates the activities of the three liaisons. Additionally, she maintains relationships with elected officials and their offices, and the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA).

If you’d like to speak to The Floating Hospital’s community outreach liaisons call (718) 784-2240, extension 273. They’ll be happy to talk about attending your event, and delivering presentations and workshops. Additionally, you can talk to them about visiting The Floating Hospital for a tour, or making a medical appointment.

Since 1866, The Floating Hospital is the largest provider of healthcare to homeless families. We provide free and secure transport to and from over 300 shelters and domestic violence safe houses throughout New York City.

The Floating Hospital operates a main clinic in Long Island City. Additionally, we have satellite clinics at shelters, public housing, and assessment centers throughout the city.