may 1

Thank you for your kind donations this week – May 1 2020

We’re fortunate to offer care in the kindest city in the world

As a charitable healthcare organization, your donations mean that all of your neighbors can get the care they need now.

ppe needed nyc
PPE Needed NYC stopped by again, via Russ from the American Construction League. Not only did they bring a range of PPE for our hardworking staff, but they also brought NBC to film it.

linda's friend
A friend of Clinical Project Manager Linda You, NP, donated 1,500 surgical masks. Linda is pictured here with the delivery.

fenian capital strategies
Fenian Capital Strategies kindly donated toothbrushes, sunglasses cases, and Snoopy dolls. Our head of dentistry, Ernesto Hart, was delighted to receive them.

lic masks may 1
Our dear friends at LIC Masks ensured this collection of masks got to us. We’re incredibly appreciative of such supportive neighbors in the Long Island City community.

ds and durga may 1
We’re beyond grateful to luxury perfume brand, D.S. & Durga, who donated 100 bottles of hand sanitizer.

These items are needed now

Since 1866, The Floating Hospital is the largest provider of healthcare to homeless families. We provide free and secure transport to and from over 300 shelters and domestic violence safe houses throughout New York City.

The Floating Hospital operates a main clinic in Long Island City. Additionally, we have satellite clinics at shelters, public housing, and assessment centers throughout the city.