The Floating Hospital receives New York Community Trust (NYCT) emergency funds

The New York Community Trust (NYCT) has granted The Floating Hospital emergency funds.

The NYCT  funding will allow us to continue providing “essential healthcare” for our patients. Many of them are homeless or otherwise disenfranchised during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Floating Hospital operates a family-centric model. This means we transport parents and their young children to our Long Island City clinic, free of charge.

The COVID-19 virus makes it impossible to do this without putting patients and staff at risk. Managing it has caused the loss of 80 patient visits a day, and in turn, a loss of revenue.

We have suspended support services such as health education, community and shelter outreach, and our shuttle fleet.

While hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients, people still rely on safety-net providers like The Floating Hospital. We treat them for chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Staff remains at the clinic to serve patients. The NYCT COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund recognizes the value of the services we provide, as well as its role in supporting communities disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus due to entrenched socio-economic health disparities.

The Floating Hospital is a Federally Qualified Health Center that has just recently hired an Infectious Disease specialist, Dr. Ambreen Khalil. This funding will help prevent the spread of the virus, and get aid for infected patients.

Since 1866, The Floating Hospital is the largest provider of healthcare to homeless families. We provide free and secure transport to and from over 300 shelters and domestic violence safe houses throughout New York City.

The Floating Hospital operates a main clinic in Long Island City. Additionally, we have satellite clinics at shelters, public housing, and assessment centers throughout the city.