The Seaside Nursery and Hospital 


When The Floating Hospital plied New York’s waterways bearing families needing care and relief, its captains had the choice of a few ports of call.

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Keeping an eye on healthy vision


We’ll soon add optometry to the list of in-house specialties available at our flagship Long Island City healthcare center. Scheduled to open in late 2023, the Floating Hospital eye care clinic will be tailored to the unique needs of the communities we serve.

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News and Events – May/June2023


Celebrate with us at the Summer Benefit 2023 | Students involved in the ACE mentor program | Is the Covid pandemic over? | Patient Tameka Cooke shares her story and her gratitude

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Charting a Steady Course


This past April, Floating Hospital President Sean Granahan was the subject of a profile in Irish America magazine. The article is wide-ranging but focuses initially on a fateful 2004 diner meeting between Granahan, at that point the organization’s General Counsel, and concerned members of the Hospital board.

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The Journey to Good Health


If you’ve ever had the unenviable duty of readying and transporting a child to soccer practice, music lessons or a school play, you don’t need anyone to tell you how onerous such a task can seem.

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When Vegetables Were Unhealthy


Before the late nineteenth century, most Americans believed a healthy diet was rich in fat, starches, and salt. Many avoided fresh produce, assuming that fruits and vegetables would worsen their health and make them vulnerable to cholera and dysentery.

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