The Gift of Candy Cane Lane


For five days in our new community outreach center (Dec. 12-16), Candy Cane Lane, the Floating Hospital’s annual holiday event, hosted 770 family members, providing hundreds of gifts each day, including toys, games, gift-cards, pajamas and desperately needed winter clothing.

The Gift of Candy Cane Lane2023-07-11T16:23:10-04:00

Celebrating Endings


In the spirit of celebrating endings, for they precede new beginnings, we look back at the highlights of 2022.

Celebrating Endings2023-07-11T16:24:33-04:00

Tribute to Carol Campbell


Carol Campbell, our former Foundation Board Chair, who passed away last month, was all in on The Floating Hospital’s mission. After hearing one of our patients speak at the hospital’s 2015 summer benefit, she implored a friend, a Floating Hospital employee, saying, “Tell me what I can do, how I can help — I’ll do anything."

Tribute to Carol Campbell2023-07-11T16:25:51-04:00

A look back/a look ahead


With the stubborn shadow of covid still lurking, challenges have continued to arise as we take on new endeavors and seek to expand our existing services. Yet, despite our challenges, we were able to make exciting moves forward thanks to the kindness and support of our friends and donors, and the commitment of our staff.

A look back/a look ahead2023-07-11T16:28:35-04:00

The Value of Listening


For the past 17 years, Dr. Sarajane Brittis has used her skills as an employment sociologist to help the incredibly diverse management staff at The Floating Hospital communicate and work together toward shared goals.

The Value of Listening2023-07-11T16:36:07-04:00

From homeless to progress: one patient’s story


Thanks to patients like Tameka Cooke who shared their experiences at our June fundraiser, we were able to fund and launch a life-skills counseling program to help women with complex housing and insurance applications, school enrollments, and link up to supportive benefits.

From homeless to progress: one patient’s story2023-07-11T16:37:57-04:00


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