The Value of Listening


For the past 17 years, Dr. Sarajane Brittis has used her skills as an employment sociologist to help the incredibly diverse management staff at The Floating Hospital communicate and work together toward shared goals.

The Value of Listening2022-11-09T14:48:57-05:00

From homeless to progress: one patient’s story


Thanks to patients like Tameka Cooke who shared their experiences at our June fundraiser, we were able to fund and launch a life-skills counseling program to help women with complex housing and insurance applications, school enrollments, and link up to supportive benefits.

From homeless to progress: one patient’s story2022-11-22T09:26:42-05:00

Pickleball levels the playing field


There’s a new game in town that will have kids at this summer’s Camp Rise Up dinking around the campus in Rhinebeck, N.Y.  Dinking, you say? Read on to learn how our campers are on trend with this fast-growing sport.

Pickleball levels the playing field2022-11-09T14:34:41-05:00

Dr. Andre steers a ship of compassion


The Floating Hospital’s health-education specialists have long focused on helping patient families live healthy lifestyles, whether that’s learning about disease management, better nutrition or self-care and well-being.

Dr. Andre steers a ship of compassion2022-06-27T11:25:17-04:00


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