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Good Health Pharmacy Make a purchase. Help a family.

Healthcare is a fundamental
human right

When you shop at The Floating Hospital’s Good Health Pharmacy, in Long Island City, you help our mission to help all New Yorkers get the care they need.

The Floating Hospital was one of the first healthcare charities in NYC dedicated to caring for the sick children of families living in tenement homes.

For more than a century and a half, we’ve remained a true charity, offering healthcare to those whose circumstances make it hard to access affordable or no-cost health services.

Today, we maintain our historic mission, by providing a healthcare safety net to families living in medically underserved communities, shelters, and domestic violence safe houses throughout the city.

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Find us

25-01 Queens Plaza N
Long Island City,
NY 11101

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Phone: (914) 556-2511
Fax: (914) 556-2221

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Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm