Bird flu in the spotlight


Since March, bird flu, which in recent years yielded to Covid in the index of worldwide disease concerns, has been back in the news after outbreaks among dairy cows in multiple states and at least one infection in a farmworker in Texas.

Bird flu in the spotlight2024-05-17T17:11:01-04:00

Empowering wellness together


A celebration of women’s health at The Floating Hospital On Saturday, March 9, we celebrated our bi-annual Women’s Wellness Day of Self-care at The Floating Hospital’s flagship Long Island City clinic.

Empowering wellness together2024-03-29T16:32:50-04:00

Anchoring hearts


February is American Heart Month, and we at The Floating Hospital are excited to raise awareness about heart health and the importance of cardiovascular care for our patient families.

Anchoring hearts2024-02-27T17:34:28-05:00

A timeless commitment to family dental care


Good oral care has significant beneficial health effects. Our “Mental Dental” department dedicates itself to healthy smiles—and the overall betterment of patients’ lives.

A timeless commitment to family dental care2023-10-30T14:28:17-04:00


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