Healthcare is a fundamental human right. For 158 years, we have provided unrestricted healthcare and relief to all who walk through our doors, regardless of identity status or ability to pay.

No exceptions. Just exceptional care.

The Floating Hospital provides a healthcare safety net to nearly 27,000 children and their adults annually. Nearly 100% of the unhoused families we serve—40% of whom are children—report living below the Federal Poverty Line. Your support makes unrestricted healthcare and relief to families accessible and possible.


The Floating Hospital remains unchanged in its commitment to provide care, regardless of ability to pay to New York City’s most vulnerable residents, homeless families living in family shelters and domestic violence safe houses. For them we are an island of stability in their often turbulent, and ever-changing, world. Your support makes a difference.


Provides a healthy lunch to a family of four.


Provides one tank of gas to a van transporting 120 people to their medical appointments.


Enables an unemployed mother living in a shelter to receive her physical exam and re-enter the world.

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