Since 1866

Millions of New Yorkers have entrusted us with their lives

As one of New York City’s oldest healthcare charities, The Floating Hospital has provided vital healthcare services to New Yorkers that need it the most. Our ability to support growing numbers depends on donors like you.

From helping underserved children in 1866 to giving health to those in need today, the floating hospital has always been a haven of health and wholeness for New Yorkers in need.

We provided 53,272 patient visits to families in need in 2012. Many of the city’s poorest, uninsured, and disenfranchised children and their families consider us their only healthcare option. Even though many of our patients are not covered by any form of insurance, we never refuse treatment when a family is unable to pay.

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Our Services

Community Health Center

Our community health center provides quality healthcare for all, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

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Complete Wellness

Our holistic mental health clinic treats the wounds you can’t see with counseling and psychiatric services.

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Free Transportation

We make 100 trips a day to the five boroughs, ensuring that transportation isn’t an obstacle to accessing quality health care for New Yorkers.

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Health Education

Covering topics like nutrition, self-esteem, and hygiene, our workshops operate on the belief that a healthy lifestyle comes from lifelong learning.

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Summer Meal Programs

We bag 60 meals a day for low income kids who, without a school lunch program, may not be able to eat lunch.

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Community is the cornerstone of everything we do

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