We’re thrilled with these bandanas created by Kristen and Kenji at Attack and Conquest clothing.

Kristen and Kenji decided to produce these bandanas as a way to give back to the Floating Hospital following Kenji’s life-saving diagnosis.

Kristen has longer connection to The Floating Hospital. Her father’s family company operated the tugs that powered the Lila Acheson Wallace, the last of The Floating Hospital’s proud ships. Her father was at the helm of the June K. (named after Kristen’s grandmother), the tug that took Lila on its final journey out of New York City waters.

The bandanas are 100% cotton and made with real Japanese indigo that fades slightly, naturally, and beautifully over time. The screen printing is done by hand at a tiny family owned factory in Yokohama.

You can read more on their blog. The bandana is available in white or indigo blue, directly from Kristen and Kenji’s site.