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The Tugboat Society is an amazing association of monthly givers: caring people who make our mission real and families whole again.

One-quarter of all families living in NYC’s homeless shelters and domestic violence safe houses receive their care from us.

Together, we can rescue families on the edge, untethered by a crisis, like the loss of job, a health issue or violence.

We can help them get back home.

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Women and children: choices that aren’t really choices. Here are their stories.


We care for the physical, emotional, and total well-being of New York’s most vulnerable with respect and kindness, even if they lack insurance or the ability to pay.

They live in homeless shelters, domestic violence safe houses or doubled up with whoever will take them.

They are the hidden homeless. Their numbers are vast.

The system is failing them. But we are not.

114,085 NYC public school students were homeless in the 2018-19 school year1

80% of homeless mothers have experienced domestic violence2

One quarter of America’s homeless families with children are in New York City3

1Advocates for Children of New York. “Students Identified as Homeless, 2018-19.” October 2019.
2Office of the New York City Comptroller. “Housing Survivors: How New York City Can Increase Housing Stability for Survivors of Domestic Violence.” October 2019.
3U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. “The 2018 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress.” December 2018.

Be a hero today.

Donors like you make is possible for The Floating Hospital to provide what insurance doesn't: health education and transportation, as well as necessities like meals, clothing, diapers, feminine products and strollers. We do whatever it takes.

Sometimes the smallest act of kindness: a winter coat, a pair of shoes that fit, a teddy bear for a traumatized child, can change a life.

To change lives for the better, day after day, we need heroes like you.

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