The Good Health Shuttle

Access to convenient and affordable transportation helps remove a major barrier to healthcare for homeless families and families living in domestic violence safe houses. Our vans provide discreet and comfortable transportation for our families, eliminating the stress and financial burden of navigating the New York City public transportation system through unfamiliar neighborhoods with children in tow.

We serve 200 family shelters, domestic violence safe houses, and public housing complexes in all 5 boroughs of NYC. Our vans make 100 trips per day. The Floating Hospital is the only healthcare charity in NYC to offer this service at a massive scale.

Maintaining and operating The Good Health Shuttle is expensive. This vital services costs us more than a million dollars each year.

Annually, we spend:


on vehicle registration and insurance


on gasoline


on maintenance

Your gift ensures that healthcare is accessible for everyone.

You are the key to this incredible mission!