Help a family get back home

The crisis is national: the system is failing families

Our solution is local: provide healthcare to people and families who need it most.

One third of all homeless families in the city receive their care from us. These families are welcomed into our fully integrated healthcare program that is specialized for their needs.

We also provide health education, case management, and distribution of necessities like free meals, clothing, diapers, feminine products, strollers and much more. We do whatever it takes to help.

We help families get back home again.

With unconditional love and care from providers, social workers, and compassionate donors like you, families that experience misfortune have a chance to recover their health, their homes and hope for their children’s future.

Your gift is an act of love. It is heroic

Your gift is one of the last buffers against a system failing families. Your gift makes our mission possible every day. Your gift is a lifeline that brings a family to The Floating Hospital where everyone is treated like the precious human beings they are.

A new immigrant child can receive dental care

Her mother can receive trauma-based counseling

Her father will receive an annual health check-up

They will be cared for and given the support needed to build a life together