CLINIC CLOSURES Our clinics will be closed Friday, 8/7 and Monday, 8/10. The Floating Hospital Pharmacy will operate its regular hours.
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Help a family get back home


The Floating Hospital exists to care.

We exist to meet the needs of homeless and low income families living on the margins of one of the most prosperous cities in the world.

We provide supportive patient-centered and trauma informed care services to families left without resources to help themselves. We have always offered more than medical care–including free transportation to and from our main clinic, food, clothing and shoes, childcare items such as diapers, school supplies, personal hygiene kits and other essentials.

We are one of the last of our kind in NYC and have been true to our mission since our founding in 1866, continuing our work today through community charity. We will always serve everyone, as long as we can count on the support of those who have the means and heart to help.

Your gift is an act of love. It is heroic

Your gift is one of the last buffers against a system failing families. Your gift makes our mission possible every day. Your gift is a lifeline that brings a family to The Floating Hospital where everyone is treated like the precious human beings they are.

  • A new immigrant child can receive dental care
  • Her mother can receive trauma-based counseling
  • Her father will receive an annual health check-up
  • They will be cared for and given the support needed to build a life together

How can you be a hero today?

Please give as much as you can and become a part of The Floating Hospital, NYC's oldest safety net. Help a family get back home.