Exhibition Opens at Citibank, Featuring 150 Years of TFH History

Exhibition Opens at Citibank, Featuring 150 Years of TFH History

A special exhibition of The Floating Hospital historical archives recently opened to the public at the Citigroup Building at One Court Square in Long Island City. Titled, “The Floating Hospital—A Legacy of Caring Since 1866,” it will be on display through June 2017.

The exhibition begins with TFH’s founding, and how the The New York Times played a key role in its formation and growth. Visitors can travel back in time and view historical maps and schedules, showing where the ship traveled and what medical practices these families received once onboard. TFH even provided families with entertainment, and the exhibit features archival sheet music created exclusively for families on the ship. Juxtaposed to this historic perspective are contemporary images of TFH’s work today – photos of families, healthcare providers and its Long Island City clinics that serve the local community as well as domestic violence survivors and homeless families in shelters.

Noting its status as existing to meet a permanent need, TFH President and General Counsel, Sean Granahan, Esq., said, “The Floating Hospital is one of the few remaining healthcare institutions driven by charity. In our long, storied history, we witnessed healthcare develop from the ground up, and have been a singular witness to the changes brought about through science. What hasn’t changed is our devotion to relieving those who need it, and this exhibit reflects over a century of dedication to that mission.”

The exhibition is the culmination of a year-long fellowship program lead by Citi Center for Culture and Queens Library, with the assistance of graduate fellows Jeffrey Delgado and Regina Carra of Queens College and Pamela Griffin-Hansen of Saint John’s University.

Following the exhibition’s opening, The New York Times featured the exhibit in its Friday, April 28 edition, here>>

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