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A safety net, over a century and half old, may unravel


Emergency care in a time of crisis cannot replace a community’s safety net

We are modifying our medical services as necessary, and are working harder than ever to make sure that we can help each and every person who wants our care. The strain on our dedicated healthcare staff and the drain on our resources is mounting.

As we try to sustain our patients, we are fighting for our ability to do so.

The vital need for our work is not diminished due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This pandemic will end. Most of us will return to our lives more or less as they were. But not all of us. Those whom society forgets will be forgotten again, left without resources, recourse or agency to help themselves. However, they are likely return to a world with far less solid charity organizations like The Floating Hospital to lift them up. Unless we come together to ensure that won’t be so.

Every donation will help countless people right now. During this crisis, your donation will matter more than it ever has.

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Here’s your chance to do something really big

The patients of The Floating Hospital need your help now, more than ever. And your gift now will help even more thanks to a generous dollar for dollar match made by members of our Board of Trustees.