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helen julliard floating

New York’s original floating hospital

New York City has long welcomed floating hospitals to its waters. If you didn’t know, The Floating Hospital was founded in New York in 1866. NYC’s first floating hospital was the Emma Abbot, launched in the 1870s. Before the Emma, The Floating Hospital cared for families living in the city’s tenements from a series of […]
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service modification

The Floating Hospital: service modifications

Last updated Thursday, April 6, 2020* Service modification at The Floating Hospital as of Thursday, March 19th. With the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on the rise in NYC, we are following city and medical association mandates and guidelines. DHS Case Managers and DOE Social Workers, please click here. Clinical Services • IMPORTANT: please call […]
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Community Outreach welcomes new liaisons

The Floating Hospital is delighted to welcome three new staff to its Community Outreach team. They will work as liaisons with specific segments of our community. If you’ve come into contact with The Floating Hospital anywhere in the Long Island City, Queens, or indeed New York City community in the past ten years, there’s a […]
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Statement on COVID-19 and The Floating Hospital

Last updated Wednesday, March 18th, 2020* The Floating Hospital is undertaking service modification. Please visit the latest post for details. The Floating Hospital’s clinics will remain open throughout NYC school closures. The Floating Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shani Andre, and Clinical Project Manager, Linda You, have made the following statement regarding the clinic’s management of […]
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alternative handwashing

LA Times: alternative handwashing songs

While the internet is alive with lists of alternative handwashing songs, one of the best lists comes from Jen Monnier, writing for the LA Times.  Although humming Happy Birthday twice is the standard duration for washing your hands correctly, Monnier’s list has the best cross-section of tunes, with something for everyone. Although the original article […]
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Coronavirus: helpful guidelines

DON’T PANIC If you’re a New Yorker who has not traveled recently and you feel ill, it’s far more likely that you have the influenza virus (the flu) than the coronavirus. The two viruses share similar symptoms: • Fever • Cough • Shortness of breath • Fatigue Presently, symptoms appear between two and 14 days […]
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1.5 million

NYP: 1.5 million homeless public school students

by Habiba Alcindor The New York Post cited a statistic that more than 1.5 million public school students across the country experienced homelessness at some point during 2017-2018. The Floating Hospital has always centered its healthcare mission around impoverished children and their families. Recently this mission has grown in importance due to the rising number […]
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The rarity of charitable healthcare

The Floating Hospital provides charitable, supportive patient-centered and trauma informed care services to families living in NYC’s homeless shelters and domestic violence safe houses. We share – with many others – the concern about financial mismanagement in the homeless services sector, raised by The New York Post in an editorial last week. But not all […]
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new building cross street

New building – same Floating Hospital

In 2020, The Floating Hospital will move to a new building. But, we’re not moving far! Our new home is at the corner of 41st Avenue and 21st Street in Long Island City, only seven minutes’ walk from our current main clinic.  With a history of more than 150 years, this isn’t our first […]
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NYT: The Most Checked-Out Books

The New York Times published a list of the top ten most checked-out books of all time, in the history of New York Public Library. The list is part of NYPL’s 125th anniversary celebration. Although not quite as old as The Floating Hospital’s 154 years, NYPL has worked out what books have a special place […]
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