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THR: ‘Supergirl’ star, Melissa Benoist: “I Am a Survivor of Domestic Violence”
In a video on Instagram, the star of The CW’s Supergirl series, Melissa Benoist, goes into detail about her domestic abuse survival.  Supergirl as a victim According to The Hollywood Reporter, Benoist outlines how the relationship started as friendship. From there it became emotionally manipulative. Her partner displayed intense jealousy, which affected her work and […]
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Generous Thanksgiving donation from UNFCU
The Floating Hospital welcomed a generous gift from our friends at United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU). While many look forward to Thanksgiving, families in New York City’s homeless shelters may not feel as jovial. Typically, the holiday implies warmth and family. So, it’s easy to see why they might find it difficult. These are […]
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NYT: 114,000 Homeless Students in NYC
A new piece of investigative reporting from the New York Times, highlights the struggles of homeless students in New York. The article identifies more than 114,000 students, across all levels of schooling, who are homeless. These students live in homeless shelters, or “doubled up,” which means they temporarily live with family or friends, which, in […]
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