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When Vegetables Were Unhealthy


Before the late nineteenth century, most Americans believed a healthy diet was rich in fat, starches, and salt. Many avoided fresh produce, assuming that fruits and vegetables would worsen their health and make them vulnerable to cholera and dysentery.

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Bank of America finds a healthy partner in The Floating Hospital


If you’ve ever had the unenviable duty of readying and transporting a child to soccer practice, music lessons, or a school play, you don’t need anyone to tell you how onerous such a task can seem. Getting out of the door with a young child or an infant can require a Herculean effort. And that’s in the best of circumstances.

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Where Salty Breezes Blow


Excerpted from an article about The Floating Hospital, then operated by St. John’s Guild, in Harper’s Young People magazine, September 10, 1889

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The Gift of Candy Cane Lane


For five days in our new community outreach center (Dec. 12-16), Candy Cane Lane, the Floating Hospital’s annual holiday event, hosted 770 family members, providing hundreds of gifts each day, including toys, games, gift-cards, pajamas and desperately needed winter clothing.

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Celebrating Endings


In the spirit of celebrating endings, for they precede new beginnings, we look back at the highlights of 2022.

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Tribute to Carol Campbell


Carol Campbell, our former Foundation Board Chair, who passed away last month, was all in on The Floating Hospital’s mission. After hearing one of our patients speak at the hospital’s 2015 summer benefit, she implored a friend, a Floating Hospital employee, saying, “Tell me what I can do, how I can help — I’ll do anything."

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A look back/a look ahead


With the stubborn shadow of covid still lurking, challenges have continued to arise as we take on new endeavors and seek to expand our existing services. Yet, despite our challenges, we were able to make exciting moves forward thanks to the kindness and support of our friends and donors, and the commitment of our staff.

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