Our Mission

We don’t just provide healthcare, we provide access.

our-mission-splash2Many New Yorkers don’t have to think about barriers to access when it comes to healthcare. If you want to go to the doctor, you just need to hop on a train and present your insurance card. But for single mothers living in the shelter system or undocumented immigrants, it’s a little more complicated. Imagine trying to get from point A to point B with young kids to watch over in addition to strollers, snacks, and coloring books. Imagine having to ignore any kind of sickness until it’s too late only to end up waiting for treatment for hours in the emergency room. When you’re poor and uninsured, getting and staying healthy is a seemingly unachievable goal.

We continue to have the largest outreach network to family homeless shelters and domestic violence safe houses of all homeless healthcare providers in New York City.


The Floating Hospital is the sole contracted healthcare provider at the point of entry into the city’s shelter system. Each day in New York City 30,000 women and children won’t have any idea where they’ll sleep on a given night. Many of these women seek shelter because they’re escaping an environment rife with domestic violence.

In 1866 we were launched as New York City’s first charity pediatric clinic on a ship docked in lower Manhattan, and we’ve had the privilege of providing a healthier and more hopeful future to over 5 million New Yorkers. Today, as a Federally Qualified Health Center, The Floating Hospital continues its historic legacy as “Family Doctor to New York City Families in Need.”

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