The Floating Hospital views its
staff as its greatest asset.

As one of the largest providers of healthcare to homeless families and victims of domestic violence, The Floating Hospital requires a staff at the top of their game, dedicated to helping those whose worlds are not what they had hoped for. Teamwork is essential to assure that our patients get the best that healthcare has to offer. In exchange, you can expect to work in an environment where fellow staff and managers respect your opinion, understand the challenges of living and raising children in a large urban environment, and is flexible enough for you to enjoy what you do for a living.

We offer competitive benefits packages, strong wages and hours designed for you to maintain a healthy life outside of work. All staff and core values meetings provide open forums for staff to learn from management the directions the hospital will be taking and to participate in how those decisions are implemented. The diversity of our staff reflects the diversity of our patient base, and all combine to form a team that does its very best each and every day to help those who need it most.

Working for us is not for everyone. A job with us requires compassion and patience for those who have no place to call home; who move their families and their belongings from shelter to shelter; and who may not be entirely trusting of those who purport to help them. The environment is fast-paced, and the days can seem longer than they really are. That said, working with us can be extraordinarily rewarding—we make it a point not to overlook staff in our zeal to help patients. We care about both.

Current Openings

As the world of healthcare continues its focus on primary care, The Floating Hospital has an expanding need for family practice physicians, internal medicine-pediatrics physicians, family nurse practitioners, physician assistants and dentists. Candidates are always welcome.

Experienced medical and dental assistants as well as registration staff familiar with all forms of insurance processing are always being sought by TFH’s managerial staff.

Mental Health Careers

As a new Article 31 Mental Health Outpatient Clinic, The Floating Hospital is always seeking well qualified and experienced mental health professionals, including adult and child psychiatrists, PhD and PsyD level psychologists, and experienced masters-level social workers. Child and substance abuse specialties are especially sought.

Open Inquiries

If you are interested in seeking employment with The Floating Hospital, we welcome your inquiry. To do so, upload a resume and cover letter using the form below or emailing

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