The Floating Hospital welcomed a generous gift from our friends at United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU).

While many look forward to Thanksgiving, families in New York City’s homeless shelters may not feel as jovial. Typically, the holiday implies warmth and family. So, it’s easy to see why they might find it difficult.

These are the families that The Floating Hospital serves. That’s one third of the city’s homeless population.


In light of our relationship with homeless shelters across all five boroughs, we’re well placed to work with those who want to make a family’s Thanksgiving a little bit brighter.

The gift from UNFCU comprised…

Over 3,600 non-perishable items, made up of 516 units each of stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, instant mash, gravy, and butter cookies
$400 worth of Butterball gift checks
$900 cash to cover expenses of families in need during the holiday

The donation made its way to The Floating Hospital thanks to our fleet of minibuses.

These minibuses and their drivers bring families from shelters in all five boroughs to The Floating Hospital. But, today, their mission included this special delivery.

Families will receive the gifts when they visit us for treatment.

UNFCU and The Floating Hospital

This isn’t the first time UNFCU has partnered with The Floating Hospital. In fact, we have a very strong ongoing relationship with them.

We look forward to continuing that for years to come, and bringing some warmth and joy to families on Thanksgiving.

The Floating Hospital is a primary caregiver all year. We provide medical, dental, and mental health care for our patients. But, we do more.

We bring families to healthcare and more. From primary medical, dental and mental health services, to transportation and health education, The Floating Hospital is a holistic care giver.

But, those in need also deserve something extra during the holidays.

Our annual appeal is now underway.